Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy Photos

Much of his early career was spent in tag teams with his brother,Jeff, but since their split some time ago, Matt Hardy carved out his own niche as a singles wrestler. And while his real life trials have overshadowed his in-ring capabilities in recent months, an return to active competition in WWE may begin to put a stop to that.

Matt and his brother Jeff, got their start in their own wrestling organization called OMEGA, a North Carolina promotion that could also boast future WWE stars such as Shane Helms (aka the Hurricane), Shannon Moore and Joey Matthews).
The Hardys also wrestled for several other North Carolina-based wrestling organizations, and adapted a number of alter-egos. As the Wolverine, Matt captured the NEWA Championship in May 1994. As High Voltage, he teamed with Venom (future Mean Street Posse Member Joey Abs) to claim the NFWA Tag Team titles in March 1995. A month later, High Voltage defeated the Willow (Jeff Hardy) for the NFWA Championship.Big Show defeated Kofi Kingston.
The Great Khali defeated Santino Marella.
Gail Kim defeated Michelle McCool.
Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase defeated Carlito & Primo.
Matt Hardy defeated Jeff Hardy in Stretcher Match.
jeff hardy and matt hardy
jeff hardy and matt hardy
jeff hardy and matt hardy
jeff hardy and matt hardy

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